What we do

Studio—Format is a full service graphic design agency, offering the whole process; from the thinking, to the creating, to the doing. 

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What makes us unique

We are small and that is our USP.

It allows us to create close relationships and work with our clients not for. You get direct access to senior members of staff and their expertise and we get to know you really well, to understand your brand and business and work out what needs to be done. Every job matters to us and we’ll put our energy into creating a dedicated partnership with a personal touch.

Our aim is to create a communicative, collaborative and supportive working relationship, to ensure a successful project outcome and ultimately a happy client!

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What we offer


— Brand Strategy
— Brand Visual Identity
— Brand Collateral Graphic Design
— Digital Design & Development
— Packaging Design
— Retail Point of Sale
— Signage and Wayfinding
— Art Direction
— Editorial Design
— Brochure Design
— Direct Marketing

Our brand expertise


In order to create an exceptional design solution we need to fully understand the problem. New brand, re-brand or brand refresh; we start by listening; to understand you, your needs and your brand story. Through critical reflection and analysis we research; competitors, other relevant brands and your target audience. We can then work out the objectives of the project and plan the strategy.

Visual identity creation

If you are a new brand or want a complete redesign we can translate your brand values into a unique and instantly recognisable visual language. Our creative process is all about respecting your vision for the brand, whilst taking risks and being playful. Our aim is to create work that is unique to you, appropriate to your needs and stands out from the competition.

Refreshment and Alignment

There may be elements of your existing brand communications that you love and want to retain and other parts that feel dated or have gone wayward and need bringing into line. Critical reflection and analysis informs a strategic process to reevaluate, refresh and realign your brand to your core values. A reworking of the visual identity and its application across existing and new communication platforms will ensure you communicate effectively to current and relevant audiences.

Our design expertise

Brand Collateral Design

Once we have created or refreshed your brand visual identity we can bring it alive through deliverables such as:
— Traditional/print stationary
— Digital stationery templates
— Presentation templates
— Signage and fascia design
— Apparel and uniforms
— Branded gifts

Brand Communication Design

We can communicate your message in the most meaningful and impactful way, to reach audiences across the following:
— Website design and development
— Packaging design
— Print brochure design and content creation
— Wayfinding and exhibition graphics
— B2B Powerpoint/Keynote presentation design and content creation

Brand Activation

An insightful brand activation strategy will bring awareness and spark an affinity with your audience. We can help get your brand, product or service be seen with intelligently designed deliverables such as:
— Retail POS design
— Social media content planning and creation
— Direct marketing

Our brand expertise

Visual Identity Creation
Refreshment & alignment

Our design expertise

Brand Collateral Design
Brand Communication Design
Brand Activation