Our Work

We have a wealth of experience, working across many sectors, including; corporate, retail, fashion, lifestyle, events, legal, financial, medical, education, arts, culture and charity. Each project is unique and the more diverse the brief better.

One O One cabins outdoor signage.
One O One Cabins
Lettercutting a bespoke logotype in steel
Weave thew new zealand centre for leadership excellence, hanging banner with logo.
Interweaving a bicultural brand
Thomas Ferens Academy logo with animated graphic.
Thomas Ferens Academy
Creating waves with an ever-evolving brand mark
Accumulate displacement exhibition posters on an urban brickwall.
Displacement Accumulate
Art School for the homeless
Suvi[Labs] supplement bottle cradled in a womans hand on a white backdrop.
A new brand empowering women over 40
House Mill and the story of bread printed pamphlet on a wooden table.
House Mill
Realigning a divergent communication stream
Animated graphic that shows multiple boxes of packaging of Rosina's lotions and potions.
Packaging up a box of memories
Clare Spindler ceramics on a table with the logo overlayed.
Clare Spindler
The mark of a craftswoman