Art School for the homeless

The Displacement Accumulate printed pamphlet spread out on a desk.

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The Accumulate art charity provides creative workshops to young, homeless people who are living in hostels or temporary accommodation in London.

Displacement was the title for their 2018 exhibition. We created a bright, lively and positive visual identity and visual language system to showcase the photographic work of these young people affected by homelessness, who had been mentored and supported by the Accummulate Art Charity.

The exhibition was held at The Guardian/ Observer Media Gallery in King’s Cross, London and attracted a wide audience.

Two young women look at artwork on the wall at the Accumulate Displacement exhibition in London.A large crowd of people inside the Accumulate Displacement exhibition in London.
An animation on an iPhone of the accumulate London instagram.

“Working with Becky is an absolute joy. She is incredibly dedicated, creative and goes the extra mile to ensure that the work is the best it can be. I would never hesitate in working with Becky again and would definitely always recommend her to others as I know she always delivers.”

Marice Cumber: Director: Accumulate
Accumulate Displacement exhibition programme open spread.Accumulate Displacement exhibition programme open spread.

“As a result of being involved with Accumulate, recent participants have gone on to gain employment, come off benefits, take up training opportunities, move out of the hostel into independent accommodation and get back in contact with their families.”
Becky has been actively involved with the charity for a number of years, not only in a design and marketing capacity but also running workshops in the shelters and a very successful partnership project with the (BA) Graphic Design course at Ravensbourne University London.

Accumulate Displacement exhibition posters on an urban wall.
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