Packaging up a box of memories

Rosina's Lotions and Potions logo on a rose wallpaper background.

— Visual Identity Creation
— Name Generation
— Packaging
— Point of Sale
— Signage
— Website
— Print Promotional Material

Imagine opening up a beautiful old hat box; a treasure chest which contains home created beauty secrets, handwritten on the back of vintage postcards. Amongst these are wonderful photographs and other mementos of Rosina’s youth.

Lesley Reynolds, a leading Harley Street skincare expert, created this skincare line as a tribute to her mother Rosina, who was a dancer in the 1950’s at London’s Eve Club. The visual language evokes nostalgia and celebrates everything that Lesley’s mother has handed down to her.

The brand tells a story as these gems are passed on and shared with the audience.

Rosina's lotions and potions packaging on a pink background.
Rosina's lotions and potions packaging on a green background.Three boxes of Rosina's lotions and potions stacked on top of each other.
The Rosina's logo on a glass shop front.
A rosina's postcard.The Rosina's website on an ipad.
A shopping bag with the Rosina's branding on it.
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