Clare Spindler

The mark of a craftswoman

Clare spindler ceramics on a table with the circular logo overlayed.

— Visual Identity
— Stationary
— Packaging

We wanted to celebrate the process of turning pots and this potter's unique visual language for the visual identity of London based potter Clare Spindler. She leaves a signature imprint on her work; marking the concentric motion and energy of the potter's wheel and we translated this form into a frenetic brandmark. We paired it with a simple colour palette to reflect the white porcelain and celadon green glaze she applies to the inside of the pieces.

Clare Spindler logo embossed on a cream business card.
Clare spindler turning a ceramic bowl with the logo overlayed.
A brown cardboard box with the Clare Spindler logo printed on it.
Two clare spindler ceramic cups with the logo overlayed.
Green ceramic bowls with the clare spindler logo overlayed in the top left hand corner.
A selection of colourful ceramic cups with the clare spindler logo overlayed.
A clare spindler logo printed on a white tag with brown string.
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