The House Mill

Realigning a divergent
communication stream

— Visual Identity refresh
— Stationary
— Brochures
— Website template

A 17th Century Tidal Mill in East London, run as a charity, needed their extensive communication suite brought into line visually, to pitch for the Lottery Heritage Fund.

The logo couldn’t be altered so the challenge was to create a communication system and layout templates that volunteers could work with.

The new look and feel needed to be clean and modern but retain the Mill’s historic status.

“Becky was a wonderful partner to work with. Not only did she bring creative flair to the project, but she also ensured that the important history of The House Mill was fully integrated into her design solutions. She successfully managed the tricky balance between creating ideas that were sympathetic to the style of The House Mill whilst helping to evolve the brand into one that was more dynamic and had the potentila to resonate with new audiences.”

Feeroza Patel
Board Trustee - Marketing and Arts. The House Mill
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