Thomas Ferens

Creating waves with an ever-evolving brand mark

Thomas Ferens Academy Logo

— Visual Identity
— Signage
— Stationary
— Uniforms

Visual identity for an Academy School in Hull, UK. Hull is rich in maritime industry and history and the school’s acronym is WAVES; Wise, Adventurous, Valiant, Exceptional Students.

We created a generative, dynamic mark which moves and evolves to emulate the behaviour of the ocean and celebrate the nature of learning. It has 100s of variations which are used across everything from individualised stationary to school ties.

The Thomas Ferens Academy building with the logo visible on the outside.
Thomas Ferens Academy logo printed on multiple business cards laying on a table.
Thomas Ferens Academy logo development.
Children in a classroom wearing ties that show the Thomas Ferens Logo graphic printed on them.
A photo inside the Thomas Ferens Academy shows the implementation of the brand colours.
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