A new brand empowering
women over 40

A bottle of Suvi[Labs] supplement sitting on a tray with a lit candle and a potted plant. Grey background.
The Suvi[Labs] logo on a light brown background.
The Suvi[Labs] logo on a dark brown background

— Visual Identity
— Packaging

Suvi[Labs] is created by women for women. The brand is an opportunity to be positioned as the only UK health and beauty product for perimenopause. It is not something widely talked about and women often feel alone, not understood by their partners or children and not able to get adequate help from the GP.

We created a visual identity to support the brand's philosophy and mission to reframe this period. Women in their 40s often feel more confident and content, having reached a form of personal success. They should have reached the most harmonious time in their lives or what the brand calls Suvi (‘Soo-vee’- Finish meaning Summer).

The brand identity required a stylish yet welcoming visual solution that felt to have a level of scientific expertise and confidence yet was approachable and empowering.

The Suvi[Labs] supplements bottle cradled in a womans hand on a white background.
Four bottles of Suvi[Labs] supplements laying on their sides on a light pink background with cherry blossom leaves scattered.
A bottle of Suvi[Labs] supplements on a light brown background
A grey shopping bag with the Suvi[Labs] logo on it.

“Not only did I feel that Studio Format really understood the brief, I also felt as if they were designing their own brand. Such dedication and passion. Thank you Studio Format, we are delighted with the result!”

Kathrin McCrea — Co-Founder Suvi Labs Ltd.
A bottle of Suvi[Labs] supplement sitting on a bedside table beside a candle and potted plant. There is also a cherry blossom in the foreground.
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