Interweaving a bicultural brand

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Weave brings together and interweaves the knowledge, experiences and insights of New Zealand’s Business Leaders. There are many parallels in the metaphorical weavings that happen between the members and activities of the business and in the Māori living art form of Raranga (Weaving) and this is how the brand celebrates the bicultural aspect of the Kiwi national identity.

Simple and sophisticated, the visual identity celebrates the act and art of Raranga; where many different threads are brought together and interwoven in intricate formations. Where individual pieces are bound to make a whole; something supportive and stronger than its parts — dynamic, constantly evolving and developing as more threads are added.

We learnt so much working on this project. If using a Māori cultural element it is essential that you create a cultural narrative around your brand or product, including the usage, your thinking and where you gained inspiration from. In Māori culture this is called ‘whakapapa’ and everything in the Māori world has whakapapa.

“Studio Format have been just brilliant to work with. They took the time to really understand our brand brief and the business that we wanted to create at Weave®. Becky carefully researched the issues raised and developed a look and feel that represented our corporate brand positioning and ethos all mixed in with a sympathetic yet careful interpretation of New Zealand’s bi-cultural make up and values. We are delighted with the result. The Brand visuals and guideline are aesthetically stunning. It’s a wonderful platform for us to launch our business from”

Simon Whyte: Weave
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